August 8, 2019 — As a keynote speaker at the Education Law, Policy, and Leadership Conference at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, I saw once more the critical convergence of the key elements that create our education system. This audience was largely education leaders at the state, district, and school level. As I listened to a presentation of recent court decisions, I thought how today’s emerging trends in education may be tomorrow’s subjects for litigation. Will access to broadband, digital learning, or personalized pedagogy be the next determinants over what is equity?

I took my 3 and 30 message to Laramie. The important education decisions made in the next three years can greatly improve learning outcomes for the Class of 2030—and far beyond. We discussed how educators determine a state’s future, the importance of the science of learning in decision making, and how to overcome barriers to change. Wyoming is a small state, and that can also be an advantage based on the commitment I saw in the audience. They can get together quickly, decide, and implement. Plus, having people know each other in the different education sectors is always a plus.